Ultimate Threat Of Annihilation Poem by Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker Abdalla

Ultimate Threat Of Annihilation

Their passion for retribution and the need for bloodletting when love is in elevation over conflict
It's been a while since we've been shot at
But the memories and feelings come flooding tragedy
Young men with broken bodies and their buddies lie in hatchets
Devoured hordes, their bairns will not return
our agony will luxuries lessen
Our grief bungles the bottom line in Sudan to this surface suffering from war
We intend to get through the battle only lower to thwart it is like sailing a smaller stream once a day
Set in pebble to go along with having made it A sullen on the supple shores of truce
But rather than the river bellows and pluck us by the pink slippery bubble bloodshed a frenzy
knee-deep in the dusk
We hasten to design barges our heap knickers
Flourish bulky overflow with water or maybe with pride or maybe with eternal rest
So we raised our fish eyes not to what yields to us
But to what doesn't make waves before us
We close the disengage because we know that nailing our union is just around the corner
We must first stick our opposition apart
We place down our palms, so we can mingle out our palms to one another
We pursue loss to none and tranquility for all
So allow us to forsake beyond the sovereignty better than the one we were deserted
We will overhaul, settle, and rescue in every recognized nook of our community in every ridge called Sudan
We divergent exquisite emanate dough when the day comes we forge ahead of the umbrage spark and cocky
The new cockcrow flowers as we wiggle it
For there is always enlightenment
Only we're audacious enough to lay eyes on it
We cast a walkway on that dwindled fortune of sobbing war to the edge
And attend a cure for our wounds by goodwill and peace

POET'S NOTES ABOUT THE POEM: The poem was written on Friday,22 September 2023. This poem captures days as I witnessed the tragedy of death and suffering in Sudan, bewildered again and again, by the endless to be the pursuit of selfish interests amidst the ethnic and tribal cleansing and genocides occurring. We are living with endless war. Nothing more can be said about war. Violence begets violence, war begets war! No cries of noble responsibilities to protect and defend from either side are sufficient or warranted. We are all merely part of the tactics, strategies, and policies that sustain war.
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