Tribal Clashes In Blue Nile State Poem by Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker Abdalla

Tribal Clashes In Blue Nile State

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No need killing ourselves like a tiger. We all belong to likewise clan in the name of belief as an identity and burgeon.

We are the whole Sudanese under the sun sparkles vivid when we shake off a fetter for clannish; when we can empathize nourishment for bounty, hatred for love, animosity for pity, hostility for pax.

Planning for the future shining much radiant on our hearts as a family.

Well, we're thirsty of peaceful color bar gigs our fatherland Sudan; although we have such several aces love there is no barricade.

Tribalism raises favoritism is an evil; oh children of Adam! They were one family.

The long in the tooth, we become, the more we catch that it's okay to live others don't follow.

Singe is burning heart shines on murky, preponderant, disdainful with time's cinders at our land.

This might be a falsehood by means of, I tell your actuality implicit passion is passing strayed.

Ignorance never builds, but destroys unity; footsteps away intimacy and instills repugnance is all shift murdering.

The soreness has been come to blows in our heart: love against malevolence, love against hazard.

O Allah! Come and rescue never dislike no longer have the potency to dovetail.

We were born to educate from each other reflects our attachment, while times gained an odium, and contra taken.

Not living on the prejudice. We have done ourselves, then good will have vanquished an evil.

This poem is about the latest intercommunal violence in Blue Nile state began on 13 July 2022, between members of the Hausa tribe on one side and the Hamaj and Berta tribes on the other, in Gabal Hamad and Village 7, Wad Al Mahi locality. Clashes broke out following the death of two individuals from the Hamaj tribe (IOM 22/07/2022) . On 14 July, intercommunal violence continued between Berta and Hausa tribesmen across Ganis town and other parts of Ar Rusayris locality, Blue Nile state. On 15-16 July, the violence spread to Ed Damazine town within Blue Nile state (The Guardian 17/07/2022; Al Bawaba 21/07/2022; TWP 19/07/2022) . On 16 July, the Sudanese Government deployed the military and paramilitary Rapid Support Forces to bring stability to the region. It also banned gatherings in the towns of Ar Rusayris and Ed Damazine. The local governor had previously banned gatherings and marches for one month on 15 July (The Guardian 17/07/2022; Al Jazeera 17/07/2022) . The Sudanese Government also imposed a one-month nightly curfew starting on 19 July (OCHA 25/07/2022) . Despite these measures, clashes broke out again on 20 July in Ganis and Ar Rusayris towns over a robbery attempt but did not cause displacement (IOM 25/07/2022; OCHA 21/07/2022) . As at 25 July, the violence had killed at least 90 individuals and injured more than 300 (IOM 25/07/2022) . It had also led to the displacement of 31,000 people from Ganis (Ar Rusayris locality) to other areas within Blue Nile state and to neighbouring Aj Jazira, Sennar, and White Nile states. Among the 31,000 displaced,12,600 are in Blue Nile state (within or outside Ed Damazine locality) , around 12,800 have sought refuge in Sennar state,4,500 are in White Nile state, and over 1,200 are in Aj Jazira state (OCHA 25/ 07/2022) . People are sheltering in schools and other public facilities or are hosted by family and friends. Among the IDPs, there are more than 3,400 people with disabilities (IOM 25/07/2022) . Priority needs for the displaced include food, WASH, health assistance, and NFIs, including mattresses and blankets (IOM 22/07/2022; OCHA 21/07/2022) . As at June, there were no incidents of displacement resulting from the violence in Blue Nile state (OCHA 15/07/2022) .
Nabakishore Dash 23 July 2022

When good will vanquish evil' Great idea of the entire poem excellently ornamental dear Abubaker.

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I really appreciate your support and comment.

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Nabakishre 21 August 2022

Thanks a lot for commenting.

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Richard Wlodarski 23 July 2022

A sincerely heartfelt poem about overcoming prejudice and living in harmony with your neighbours. A very powerful prayer poem! Well done, Yousif!

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It was my pleasure.

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Richard 21 August 2022

It's a pleased to having your comment dear.

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