The Pain Of Missing You Poem by Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker Abdalla

The Pain Of Missing You

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Our hearts were broken for good. I would always be over mileage, tears had been falling now for so long, you have been unchained from desolation and sufferance.

You have been liberated, your tale has touched ruck, all close and widely a mile, on the night you were taken from us, in the sky was a lone glisten star.

Your single angel's wings were always around us, gulping us with your love rewarding us strength, keeping us nigh, and glance over us from above the heaven.

Whether at the latest, I understood that our time would be terse, I would have carried out, whether at the latest, I got that would be our last chat held on longer, I would have carried, whether at the latest, I understood that would be your last laugh had stuck in my mind, I would have carried out.

Whether at the latest, I realized that was last moment, I could eyesight, hugged you tight, I would have achieved, Whether at the last, I got that was your last ABC utterance, I would see your taunt nice, I would have had carried out.

At the latest, I understood that gaze your face for the last time, commit to memory of all your pictures are seen hourly.

One day, I found you on timeless shut-eye,
I wouldn't say goodbye, I got my shed down much extend sad moments, all my hurt couldn't sing out the seacoast, I predestined to notarize that you have gone and I ought to grieve.

Merely a range of time we would drop vale to this lifeless left out distances were so many good minutes we were shared overwhelmingly glimpse back on my life's labeled theater.

Recollection flood my souvenirs, tears make me unhappy for the era together went by in a wink, life is not as long as we considered, there were times when anguish prevails whereas.

I should be glad you're liberated from wrench, anxiety, and get excited that you'll always have tomorrow, although I cry, stand grief-stricken by your tombstone, but still I miss you so very much, my sister dear.

A poem is written on Monday,15th of August 2022 - I wrote this emotional poem when I started thinking about the things regarding my sister Zainab so there were all these things that I thought I would have her in my life forever. Alas, God had a different plan for us, sister is always ready to love, comfort, and defend you, the loss of such a special sister can be particularly painful, but holding dear all of the precious memories you shared will help you to cope.
Indira Renganathan 01 September 2022

Very emotional and touching write

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Nabakishore Dash 16 August 2022

Nicely depicted feelings of pathetic separation.

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I do appreciate your comment on it.

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