'Uncertain Dream' (Story) Poem by Kezang Dawa

'Uncertain Dream' (Story)

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Rigden was a class-X dropout student of Gyelpozhing Higher Secondary. His ambition in life was to become a doctor. But after the death of his father in a tragic car accident, he had to leave school and help his mother and two little sisters. One of his chores was to take the cattle to the forest. Without his father, Rigden could not do anything in life and he felt as if there was no meaning to his existence. He, however, love to listen to music, play mobile games and send messages to unknown numbers.

The next morning was clear and sunny, the birds sang happily, and the sharpness of the cricket’s whistling echo was so pleasant. But Rigden felt bored as nothing exciting was happening around him. Suddenly, he remembered one of his friends at school and felt like talking to him. But when he dialed his friend’s number, the mobile was I a switch off mode. Rigden thought his friend might be busy at school. Therefore, he decided to send a message instead.
Hi, my dear friend! What’s up and how are you doing in school? Here my life in the village is lonely without you. I really miss your company. Let’s meet soon. With love.
Before sunset he happily headed home with a new born calf on his back. He suddenly felt his mobile vibrate inside his pocket. There was a new message from unknown number.
Hi, I am Menday Zam, Non formal Education Instructor from Mongar Saling. I am fortunate to get SMS from this lucky number. I am a woman of two kids, but my marriage broke up ages ago. My husband went with another lady. Can you help me lead a happy life? What if I marry you? he….he..ha.

Rigden was shocked. His message was to be delivered to his friend Samten at school, but it had accidently gone somewhere else, to a lady who sounded so desperate. As their conversation continued, Rigden and the lay began to fall in love. He could not believe what was happening. Rigden was so engross with the lady that he even forgot his parents and friends. Their love become so strong and deep that no one in this world could demolish it.
Rigden decides to be serious with the matter, and one day he sent a message to the lady.
Dear Menday Zam, the moment I met you in the sms, my heart could not rest in peace. Your splendid words woke my heart into sleepless nights. I love your sweet voice. I may die if I don’t hear from you a single day. I think you are the sweetest part of my life. If you wish to, I can marry you.
The next day they decided to meet in the Mongar Tshechu. Rigden was terribly nervous and wondered how he would express his feelings for her since he was in love for the first time. He was worried thinking that she might be upset if he was notable to express his true feelings for her. The next day, they went to the Tshechu wearing a beautiful kira and gho. But it was difficult to recognize each other in such a crowed place. It was like playing hide- and- seek.
Rigden sent a message to her, in a desperate tone.
Hi, where are you? I am tired to searching for you. If you wish to see me please come to the back yard of the dzong. I am eagerly waiting. I am in a black gho and with short hair.

After a minute, she approached him hesitantly, Rigden was very happy to see her beautiful face with long, silky hair and a lather bag on her shoulder. Rigden could not believe the beauty of her glory face, like that of the Dakinis (Khandom) coming from a distance to meet him. He considers himself the luckiest man to meet the beautiful lady. But as she came closer, Rigden could hardly imagine her eyes. Her eyes shone like that of an owl, and her mouth was half torn apart. She was pregnant in her final month of delivery. She came close to him and said in a haggard voice, “Are you the one I met in the sms conversation”? And smiling murmured to herself, “I made a good decision to meet this guy.”
Rigden could not bear to look at her hideous face. He shouted on top of his voice “AA…Zai…Ya Lama Keno, mogi dong doorsisi Du.” He was terrified by her hideous face and ran back to his village. While he was running, he slipped and rolled down the rocky cliff shouting for help. But in reality, he was merely dreaming. He fell down from the bed and woke up from his sleep. There was no one else in the room except for a loud clock which was stuck 8.30am already.
Rigden was late for school. That morning he had to rush to the class without any breakfast.

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