Under The Tree

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Who will tell you that you were too young?
Singing such songs and having such fun.
Finding holes in brittle walls.
Who will come see you if you never call?
Under the tree that some call your home.
Many years have now come and gone.
An epitaph with leaves by your side.
Under the tree is where you now lye.
Who will change the seasonal ground?
Who will find whats never been found?
Across the sky all colored with dawn.
Who will say whats right or whats wrong?
Under the tree your body has been placed.
A wisp of air across a lonely face.
Having found that person you should be.
Now your place is under the tree.

Steve Fulk 17 February 2006

Hey Shannon. Yes, it is a poem about Nick. I wrote it when I couldn't get 'Clothes of Sand' out of my head. Try singing it with the words I wrote....Steve

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Shannon Chapel 17 February 2006

Now this one has touched a special place in my heart, Steve. It reminds me of a song I believe you and I are both very familiar with: 'Safe in the womb Of an everlasting night You find the darkness can Give the brightest light. Safe in your place deep in the earth That's when they'll know what you were really worth. Forgotten while you're here Remembered for a while A much updated ruin From a much outdated style.' (excerpt from 'Fruit Tree' by Nick Drake) Very nicely done, Steve. A well-deserved 10 from me. Shannon xoxo

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