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Thank You, Dear Poets

Thank you to my poet friends
Whom I’ve met on this site.
Your inspiration never ends
Not morning, noon or night.

Midlife Crisis Man

Oh, great! Here he comes again
Look out if you can.
It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane
It’s Midlife Crisis Man.

My Friend

When I awake in the morning
I think of your beautiful, sweet face and it makes me smile.

When I’m feeling weary

Boy's Day Out

This morning he was playing ball
This man and his two boys.
But he’ll never play again
With any of their toys.

Ode To Herb

There was a guy named Herb
Who had a lot of nerve
Critique them all
Beyond the pall

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Steve Fulk 24 March 2006

A friend of mine for nearly a year, What started as a simple Ebay transaction, quickly turned into a great friendship. A very dearing, Kind Hearted and Intelligent woman that always keeps our heads together on this site. Thank you Shannon for your continued contributions of writings and wit....; -) .....Steve

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Cj Heck 06 December 2005

I do hope you continue to write, Shannon - your work is an asset here. You have a gentle, flowing style and voice. Always a pleasure to read. My warmest regards and respect, CJ

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I have always loved to write. I write everything from short stories to poetry, and although I work as a Registered Nurse I still believe I missed my calling. One must eat, you know? Please feel free to comment on my work. Constructive criticism is always welcome (as long as it's said with kindness) .

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