Denis Martindale

Unicorns And Camels - Poem by Denis Martindale

When the Lord God Almighty
fashioned His first spirit creatures,
they each shone with gold and silver light,
radiating pure energy as fierce as the sun.

The unicorns looked utterly splendid,
as they pranced and marched to-and-fro,
each one celebrating its beauty,
more wondrous than the elephants and the horses,
more glorious than the cows and the sheep,
more noble than the whales and the dolphins.

But then they looked at the camel creatures,
staring at their spirits somewhat bemused,
seeing their appearance somewhat ungainly
and when the unicorns looked, they were sad,
they felt something new growing within,
for the feeling was called compassion...

Unicorns being wondrous, glorious and noble,
huddled together, discussing the plight of the camels!
Look at them, they remarked, one to the other.
Look how sad they stand this day, so forlorn,
before the Lord who created them as they are.

And thus the unicorns, having compassion on camels,
chose one golden unicorn to speak on their behalf,
so that was the one who bowed before the Lord...

Let us, the unicorns, be sent to dwell below,
not as we were first created here with You,
but placed within the forms of camels instead...
and let our companions, the camels,
be placed into the forms of unicorns...

Suddenly, the angels gathered near,
this was a momentous event unfolding,
and the Lord smiled at the compassion
and smiled at the unicorns and at the camels...

The camels' eyes stared widely,
more so than ever before,
more brilliantly as hope glistened,
as if all their dreams had come true...

Let it be so, said the Lord, and thrice-blessed...
Thus these unicorns, wondrous, glorious and noble,
through compassion, love and sacrifice,
taught humility to all the angels of Heaven...

All except Lucifer, who became proud inside,
and would never forego his beauty...
and so was born rebellion, leading others astray...
and even to this day, his pride remains...

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Denis Martindale, copyright, November 2013.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, November 4, 2013

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