Unleashed Poem by William King Jr.


Eyes are wide shut running blind in the dark
As dogs bark and torches burn brightly against the night
Running for life that is no longer important
Feeling my way around the dark
Blood dries above my lips
Transformation has been completed
Know not what has happened
Fear grows as running through the forest
Creature of the wild, neither longer man nor beast
Pursued by those formally called friends
And hated by those who said 'Love'
Remembering the past as a time long ago
When the world seemed perfect and the road not so winding
Thinking back to all the events attended
Christmas dinners, anniversaries, and even birthdays
Now, days of birth are forgotten as the world seems to turn
Laughter of the past are now screams of the future
Eyes begin to adjust as tears begin to fall
Hurt that the norm will never be normal again
And a life of bewilderment waits anew
Never being able to love or feel love
Nor the warmth of another human being
Cold; soft is the ground those feet run bare on
And hard are the limbs that constantly hit
Torches and dogs still pursue
Never tiring, but now feeling stronger
As the chase seems to go on
Sensing the fear among the torches
Blindly running throughout the forest
Makes great for the night which eyes are now accustomed
Feeling the stars and feeding off their power
Makes strength a powerful ally
Dread now fills the torches
As footsteps stop what they pursue
Listening carefully for the slightest movement
Dogs yelp in agony one by one
Slowly torches begin to disappear

Wednesday, July 27, 2011
Topic(s) of this poem: unrest
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