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... UNSAID....There are some things that meant to be unsaid and some that were meant to be said but hidden. There are many word to say to bring this up but i curve my question and answer to another direction. It is better to keep the things as they are... There is no need to say the truth to make another person uncomfortable. Lips sealed are better than wide open. To say I Love You and not mean it is meant to be UNSAID.... I dreamed a dream, one so full and new
And woke up with thoughts of being with you..
I dreamed a dream, where I held you close
kissed your lips and whispered why I love you the most..
I dreamed a dream safe in my sleep..
Where you were there with me and my charge to keep..
I dreamed a dream before the sun crossed the sky..
Where 'Forever and Ever' was our lover's cry...
I dreamed a dream and woke with a sigh..
for this dream was just a dream and even a dream can lie....... REMAIN UNSAID
Ron Poetry

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Poem Submitted: Friday, August 31, 2012

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