Untitled Poem by Brie Carter


There is this girl
Getting in the way of him
She is stealing him from me.
He still likes me
But he likes her too
He said he would make a decision
One either me or her
I don't know why I keep chasing him
He gets close
And then runs away
He goes to her
Breaks my hearts
Into tiny little pieces on the floor
In which he kicks and spits on
And walks away.
He hugs her
He plays with her
Just like he does with me
She called him a player
Because he likes me too.
She hurt his feelings
Maybe he will pick me now.......
I can't believe that I have strung it this far
I am chasing him
A person that I can't catch up too
The age difference makes it worse.
She is a year older.
She has more of a chance.
I am a retard that fell in love too fast
Got myself into something that I should have avoided.
Maybe he will pick me for me
Or maybe he will pick her for her.
Maybe he will pick the one he likes the most
And not the one that is older
The one that he has less chance of getting in trouble.
Maybe not.
I love him
Please love me back.


Wow i see a lot of confusion for him this could take sometime in his shoes.. I 've been there before with 2 guys and its so hard i didn't pick neither..... It was a great write.... I hope you get the guy.... Krista

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