Girl Poem by Brie Carter


Rating: 3.3

Baby Girl, Glamour Girl, Strawberry Girl struts
Candy Girl, Sexy Girl, Bossy Girl fuss
Gansta Girl, Dream Girl, Independent Girl shops
Virtuous Girl, Glitter Girl, Hot Girl pops
Cover Girl, Naughty Girl, Jazzy Girl sings
Phat Girl, Ghetto Girl, Bling Girl blings
Sassy Girl, Cool Girl, Girly Girl rocks
Mama's Girl, Daddy's Girl, Wild Girl stocks
Strong Girl, Sister Girl, Church Girl preach
Flower Girl, Black Girl, American Girl reach
Thick Girl, School Girl, Smart Girl moves
Bad Girl, Spoiled Girl, Moody Girl grooves
God's Girl, Quiet Girl, Sweet Girl blessed
Beautiful Girl, Young Girl, Talented Girl impressed
Prom Girl, City Girl, Business Girl works
Play Girl, Outgoing Girl, Dance Girl tworks
Lavish Girl, Promiscuous Girl, Anonymous Girl rolls
Country Girl, Island Girl, Bobby V's Girl controls

SweetGirl199 * 29 October 2008

nice poem! continue writing!

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~ Evelina Kononenko ~ 18 June 2009

wow nice love your poems how old are you? i wonder write back someday love eva ps. give you thumbs up dude 10+++++++

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sick piece.. nice indeed.

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Aoife Bridges 14 February 2014

Cool absolutely love it

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Taylor Cox 19 December 2013

This is so awesome I love this

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Whitney Hartman 10 July 2012

i like this its a cooool poem never expected that

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Cierra Lewis 04 December 2009

this is good better than it looked

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Enya Wynants 03 August 2009

Cool poem! Think it could be a song, like a real funky song, you know? xD keep writing!

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