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I (M.Swaroopa Rani) , was born on 20, July,1980, my parents are Mr.M.G.Rao and Mrs.M.Grace Lilly. I completed my secondary education in V.T. College, later Intermediate in V.B.College, Degree in B.V.K. College, Post-graduation M.A.(English) in L.B.College and Ph.D in English Canadian literature under the guidance of Prof.V.C.Sudheer in Andhra University and I received the Doctorate Degree on 23-8-2007. I would like to do my post-doctoral degree further by the God's grace. At present, I would like to write the poems, short-fiction, articles and many poems were published in online. My poems were published in this site Poemhunter.com, and I received many messages by the other writers. I invite you to read my poetry as well as the opinions, which were given by other writers from all over the world, to know the essence of it. E-mail: swaruparani_aug@yahoo.co.in Name: M.Swaroopa Rani Qualification: M.A., Ph.D Interests: Writing Articles, Short Fiction, Essays and Poems. Address: Dr.M.Swaroopa Rani Door NO: 50-83-15 Madhuranagar Visakhapatnam-530016 Andhra Pradesh South India Cell: 9951769288)

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Ramappa kotihala 20 October 2020

Good morning mdm

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Gokul 02 January 2019

Dono ......... Hun ghbvghbvbubbhjbbbhb bhi gb vjbchbvtubcghh bhi. Vhvbunnbhjn

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Robert Rorabeck 04 August 2007

Miss Rani's poetry is beautiful and thoughtful- She is able to bring across the most beautiful feelings through the delicately crafted patterns in which her poetry blooms....

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Debora Jarvela 30 July 2007

I enjoyed your poem, ' Endless Hope' very much, thanks for sharing. Deb

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Swaroopa Rani Popularity

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