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Vagabond Gypsy Girl - Poem by Diwakar Bhatt

Starry night was at the zenith of its glamour,
Gipsy camp was full of laughs and clamor.

Merrymaking was their way of life as usual,
No worries, no qualms but everything casual.

Incidentally I happened to be among the lot,
A lone traveler I was unexpectedly got caught.

Hooch was flowing like water to quench thirst,
Yells and shouts of drunken souls in outburst.

Bonfire gave the surroundings a tawny color,
Crowd of raunchy females danced with holler.

Country songs were being sung by mixed chorus
Amusing lyrics were describing old tales amorous.

Half bare bodies were gyrating with joy unwarily,
It was their world, their heaven to live life happily.

I could not resist my craving for the magic potion,
A gorgeous damsel brought a cupful of concoction.

She was drunk as evident from her faltering steps,
Eyes were keen on me being an easy prey perhaps.

I was an alien to their emancipated culture old,
Bacchus would be their deity without being told.

Came closer to me in her tipsy condition playful,
I sensed her advances with passionate vibes willful.

Her nearness filled my heart with desires all obvious,
Warmth of her youth ignited the latent fire ravenous.

I was on the brink of losing the reins of urges carnal,
But morality saved me from falling in the fire infernal.

I looked for more subtleties of her inner being real,
A lot more was under her crazy demeanor surreal.

As a token of my love simply kissed her fingers frail,
Her enormous watery eyes made my heart to quail.

A sapphire she was among the stones in the dirt,
Reality showed from behind a masquerade of flirt.

Solitude in her eyes was telltale of a turbulent past,
As if sorrows would torment her soul unto the last.

My sympathetic gestures opened her heart wide,
Her head resting on my shoulder sat by my side.

An incessant flow of her tears wetted me for long,
Her beautiful blue eyes seemed singing a sad song.

Slowly lifted her face shining in moonlit night,
I pecked on her glossy lips to give a little delight.

She gave me an embrace laced with chants magical,
I lost into a strange realm of happiness as a miracle.

Moon was also running its race to greet the dawn,
My heart prayed never to let the night be withdrawn.

I forgot everything except the momentous joy,
I found her to be the Helen from mythical Troy.

Strings of my heart strung again to be vibrated,
Nothing much, but wanted my soul to be librated.

I was born again in a world of love and belonging,
All I could feel her fragrance sweet and alluring.

No more I was a stranger to their so frivolous a cult,
I too turned into a gypsy to be a part of joyous tumult.

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