My Wish To God Poem by Diwakar Bhatt

My Wish To God

O! God! Curb all my vices as my wish first,
Redeem my soul from mire of greed and lust.

Purify it by the holy words of your discourse,
Assimilate it unto your cosmic form I propose.

Show me the path of freedom from unreal,
Enlighten me to rise above the matters trivial.

Fill my heart with nothing but light of your glory,
Sing I will the songs of your long magnificent story.

The way of worship be my road to your abode,
Make me able to adhere to the sacrosanct code.

Hymns I will chant narrating your virtues countless,
My relentless prayers would please you nevertheless.

Creature I am with a life bestowed upon me by you,
Keep your blessed hand on me with a benign view.

Let me be a fish in the vast ocean of your love,
Never to come back in the worldly mist from above.

Seema Chowdhury 08 September 2012

an inspiring write. keep up the good write.

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Dear Diwakar, I know our Lord God hears all His childerns prayers. A lovely poem to Him. Go with God always and be blessed. Alice

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Diwakar Bhatt

Diwakar Bhatt

Delhi, India
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