Valentine's Day Poem by Charles Kingsley

Valentine's Day

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Oh! I wish I were a tiny browny bird from out the south,
Settled among the alder-holts, and twittering by the stream;
I would put my tiny tail down, and put up my tiny mouth,
And sing my tiny life away in one melodious dream.

I would sing about the blossoms, and the sunshine and the sky,
And the tiny wife I mean to have in such a cosy nest;
And if some one came and shot me dead, why then I could but die,
With my tiny life and tiny song just ended at their best.

Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 16 February 2016

This tiny poem on a browny bird - so beautifully portrayed by the poet. The usage of the word 'tiny' is the most attractive feature of this poem.

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Chaarzarul Rockett 16 February 2016

Both sweet and morbid, like drinking blood. Great poem!

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Mackenzie Huber 16 February 2016


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Susan Williams 16 February 2016

Sometimes a poem is just right for the moment- like this one is right for this moment in my life. May we all sing of blossoms, the sunshine, and the sky before we die

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Bharati Nayak 16 February 2016

A life, be it short should be full of song and full of love.

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