Valiant Love Poem by C.Ann Penning

Valiant Love

Clapping waves in a golden sea
Call my name in the songs they sing
Waltzing lilies cross the shore
Luring my heart to freely soar
To look upon dear Camelot

Reflecting shattered hopes and dreams
O’ Mirror, Mirror let them see
My silhouette weaving sorrowed seams
Threaded stories of what life may be
Above the island of Shallot

Day to night from my bistre eyes
Tears fall to hold a valiant knight
A lover’s touch a pure delight
I wonder what it must be like
To feel such love; this Lady of Shallot

I hear his voice from the world below
A simple gaze, my last, I know
But O’ the joy of letting go
To only touch; Sir Lancelot

A furtive treasure; to find it wrong
Secrets never stay hidden long
Pure, untouched I lay afloat
To breathe my last a loving note
The Lady of Shallot

Tis’ joy in death to leave this place
His eyes to see me as a lovely face
To wish upon me God’s sweet grace
My loving knight Sir Lancelot

Forever sheltered memories
Sir Lancelot riding through the trees
Love now carried to the grave
Her life for him she freely gave
The Lady of Shallot

Gajanan Mishra 17 June 2013

good poem, thanks, I invite you to read my poems and comment and vote.

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