Vampire Kisses Poem by better than emo girl

Vampire Kisses

Rating: 3.7

Lustful whispers in midnight dreams,
Upon satin bed under moonlight gleam,
Restless figures begun to undress,
Fingertips and torsos meet to caress,

Mouths now merging, oh so bittersweet,
Gasps of pain as teeth and tongues meet,
Canines sinking into cherry soft flesh,
Saliva mingles with blood so fresh,

Fingernails scraping across tingling skin,
Pleasure grows from carnal sins,
Breathing heavy as heart rate grows,
Agonising bliss as juices flow.

Sharpened blades making bloody gashes,
Heart beating peaks, each body lashes,
Thrusting, shaking, all through the night,
Bathed in sweat and blood and cool moonlight,

Bethany M. 10 January 2008

That is a really good poem if you don't mind me saying! The imagery is great! nice work, i also liked the format and how the words flow. 'A true poet makes the words flow, as for those who are not true leave the words a mesh of letters' ~Beth

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John Nightingale 10 January 2008

I really enjoyed the poem and I thought I'd say that even if you don't care. Sometimes it's nice to be complimented.

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Suicide King 10 January 2008

Nice little work of imagery at least lol

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James Creamer 10 January 2008

ok i'll admit that your a very talented writer. i know see what you mean by vocabulary. very nice. but i still like simple poems, very simple.

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Ewigi Liebe 11 January 2008

you did it well, hope you will submit got a very interesting work on your ages...keep on penning.

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Arabian Heart 07 June 2008

a vampire desire you wish such tederness can be a sin write more of your vampire love and you may meet sweet bliss

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Quiet Storm 16 April 2008

yikes! .....sounds like ur a little too into halloween.....well in my opinion i would just retire from poem hunter after posting that one.....poems represent feeling and emotion....not which halloween character u want to have to have babies with......ill give this one a negative 12

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broken hearted 28 February 2008

this poem is sp awsome i love it

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Golden Heart 23 February 2008

God this is so tasty Like a piece of cake after a dinner that didn't fill you up LUVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVIn it! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! greatest poem so far one of my favorites

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Kat , sorrow 22 February 2008

WOW...I love work Love Kat sorrow

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