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I'm howling at the moon
Always searching for you
I know you’re in the night
Wanting to taste and bite

Are these my tears?
As I stand in the rain
Are these my tears?
That brings me so much pain

When I daydream
What do I see
You, waiting for me

Under the crescent moon I lay
Silk garments rub me as the wind blows
The stars lay still in my eyes
The lunar essence shines on me

Why must you torment me so?
Why do you want me to go?
Where am I so supposed to be?
With you all I want to do is scream

Total heat
In my heart
With a touch
I can make sparks

He poisoned me
He didn’t care
He sunk those fangs into my neck
He poisoned me

Rain to me is very sweet
The sound is over whelming
Calling to me like a dream
That has been told

The sweet of the night
and the heat of the sand
a fire that's right
what a devilish hand

You think I need you
you need to try again
you think i belong to you
well you need to think again

A powerful dream
Sends me into a slumber
Laying in wait as you appear
In my dream once again

Sleep calls as I grace the night
To tired to move paralyzed on a bed
The crescent moon shines on me
Calling me to a sleep so deep

gangs are a lie
they make you feel worse inside
they make you feel temptation
some people in gangs need to see the realization

the love I feel is just a word of hope
drifting into the sea of emptyness
in which i am condemd to feel until the end of time
I am without a word of sadness

call me when your sad
call me when your mad
call me when your hurt
call me when you need some comfort

im so weak without you
i need you
you are my heart beat
you are what i need

We hold hands at conventions
He gives me flash drive roses
We have dinner at a Cyber Café
Where I give him a gold game controller

On my tounge
Never Bitter

the soft blow through my hair
it makes me feel so free this element that i see
it stays with me and only me
it flows with the essence of flowers

A Ravenous Beast

I search though the night
I search through the day

tierra fisher Biography

Hello everyone. I am a poet of the heart, soul, and mind. I believe in all poems weather their about love or hate. I love to eperience new things containing art. I follow my heart even if I might make a wrong turn. So come all poets for I listen to it all.)

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A Deep Werewolf Dream

I'm howling at the moon
Always searching for you
I know you’re in the night
Wanting to taste and bite

Moving through the forest
With a dangerous quick speed
Looking, searching through the crimson night
Can you hear me calling?

Could this be possible?
Or could it be our fate
Are you my nightmare?
Or my one true mate

The moon shining on me from above
Showing a way from me to you
Such a feeling of magic embraces me
Is this what it feels like to be near you?

Such warmth, such love
Makes me want howl
The trees start to move back and forth
Pushing me to you, will you come too?
As silky grass rub against my feet

So hurry and find me
And use the moon
And hear my call howl
Follow my love and listen to the tune

Follow my love
Follow me
Straight to the full moon

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Rob Cote 29 June 2009

Intensity in Her poems The thoughts Race HEr comments Will Make you think Then realize what you're poem is Really about

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