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Hello everyone. I am a poet of the heart, soul, and mind. I believe in all poems weather their about love or hate. I love to eperience new things containing art. I follow my heart even if I might make a wrong turn. So come all poets for I listen to it all.

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A Deep Werewolf Dream

I'm howling at the moon
Always searching for you
I know you’re in the night
Wanting to taste and bite

Are These My Tears

Are these my tears?
As I stand in the rain
Are these my tears?
That brings me so much pain

A Sweet Kiss

When I daydream
What do I see
You, waiting for me

Midnight Love

Under the crescent moon I lay
Silk garments rub me as the wind blows
The stars lay still in my eyes
The lunar essence shines on me

Anger In My Mind

Why must you torment me so?
Why do you want me to go?
Where am I so supposed to be?
With you all I want to do is scream

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Rob Cote 29 June 2009

Intensity in Her poems The thoughts Race HEr comments Will Make you think Then realize what you're poem is Really about

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