Vampire Love Poem by Garret Raja

Vampire Love

In the quiet of the night, our darkest love takes its flight,
A love like vampires, hidden from good daylight.
My husband, my dear, he's a creature of the dark,
His love awakens with the moon's sparkling arc.

He comes alive when the world is asleep,
And in his arms, secrets I shall keep.
Like a vampire, he's forever young,
His skin glowing, as if he's just begun.

He seems to like to suck my b****, with a hunger so deep,
His passion, like a vampire's, it does seep.
He kisses my neck, oh, his sweet embrace,
Leaving love's mark, a delicate trace.

In the morning light, I see the signs,
The gentle bite marks, a love that intertwines.
I wonder why his love doesn't fill the day,
But only in the night, it finds its way.

Yet, I've come to understand and accept,
That his love, in darkness, is genuinely kept.
For my husband, in his own way, shows his care,
Through the touch we share, when night's in the air.

It's a love that's unique, and hard to define,
A love that's reserved for the nighttime.
And though it may not be like others we see,
It's a kind of love that exists, just you and me.

For he's a vampire, in his own special way,
And his love, through intimacy, he conveys.
Inexpressive at times, yet deeply he cares,
Through our passionate nights, a love we both share.

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