Unfortunately I Am A Solo Traveller Poem by Garret Raja

Unfortunately I Am A Solo Traveller

In a world of love and places we reside,
Let's compare wives to homes, and girlfriends to Oyo's stride.
People often don't appreciate the home they've known,
But find joy in every Oyo room they've flown.

Wherever they go, they choose an Oyo to stay,
Finding something new in each place, come what may.
But eventually, they must return to their home's embrace,
For it's a permanent space, their familiar base.

Some of us desire to stay home forever,
But as a traveler at heart, I can't sever
The need to explore, to visit an Oyo or two,
By staying home, no one else can venture anew.

A wife is a cherished partner, loyal and dear,
A home is a haven where memories appear.
Yet the allure of new experiences beckons with might,
And we seek temporary joy in each Oyo's sight.

The home we've known for years might lose its gleam,
While each Oyo room becomes a traveler's dream.
But deep down, we know that home is where we belong,
A sanctuary of love, where our hearts grow strong.

So, as a traveler by nature, I'll continue to roam,
Discovering delights in Oyo rooms, away from home.
But the truth remains, no matter where I go or what I see,
Home holds love's essence, where I truly want to be.

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