Vampyr Tri .... Poem by K J

Vampyr Tri ....

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I'm back again, like I ever even left. I
’ve been around since the beginning of time.
Me, I’ve just been sleeping.
I was around when your grandmother still had her grandmother.
I want to taste your warm Blood
The game is still the same I suck you dry.
Scream if you want, I’ll scream with you.
Try to kill me. Look I can’t even bleed.
A Bite is a nothing to me but food
Why am I here? To cause you pain. I live for your pain.
If misery loves company, then I’m the company.
Illusion’s is what captures your attention. That’s how we capture your attention.
Let me put fear into your heart
Pretending something is there when it’s really not.
Illusions some might call them delusions. But it still captures your attention.
Know you did not, Your soul will I have
It has been here since the beginning of time.
Can you follow? Or are you too hollow.
If I set a fire wouldn’t you want to see what was burning?
All is an illusion made to do one thing and one thing only.
To suck you dry.
Once you’re there you can’t win. You can try but you can’t win.
They never win.
You’re just a pathetic weak human being
You want to see what I really look like
Look at this. You can run now.
Next time learn to read between the lines.

Fairie Helper 06 June 2011

Ooooo, I'm shaking! ----

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