Vd226578897 Poem by Nyein Way(Maung Maung Thein)


lighthome of butterfly

(historiography of conceptual-postconcetual-contemporary-postcobtemporary poetic-nonpoetic field
has been in interoperative mode of living and of life in poetic journey to the soul of poem's universe.)
digit.postdigit.linear.postlinear.glitches and gaps.open and close.utopian and realism.social and nonsocial.existentiL and living.life and beyond life.texts and media.signs and symbol.lightband darkness.total poetry.autopoetry.reakity poem.voyage into unknown when being innocent ethics.honesty and navaivism.reality and realistic.kitches and nowness.adversity and safety net.network and nestwork.truth and lies.eclectic and hybrid.choice and collaboration.birth and rebirth.question and answer.morality and trick.stragedy and frankness.open mind and clise mind.local and region and nonlocal(quantum) .
isms and improvisation.construction, reconstruction and deconstrucion.tradition and modern andbultramodern and pistmodern and after postmodern.contemporary and postcontemporary.psychology and philosophy and literary theories.truth condition and human condition.robotics and artificial intelligence.zen, tao and ancient
wisdom.utopian reality and realistic actuality.futurism and postfuturism and the present tense.science and metaohor.quotidian lives and symbolic allegories.technique of poetry and art of poetry and loetry of technique and poetry of art as process poem- terrain.
(readers can fill in the blanks.)
light of blanks is that of the concept''readers are poets when participating in the infinity voyage of process poem of nonpoetic
innovation trend.

nyein way
(1962-4462 poetic time)

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