Vibrations Of A Silent Dissidence Poem by Joshua Bantum

Vibrations Of A Silent Dissidence

I am a moveable object
With an immovable mind
Tied to a boundless essence
To which I am grounded by...

The noise is layered indiscernibly thick tonight
It is absurdly vibrant

Canters in beat to chaos
Lapping like a beast at the peace
But something is odd to me
To me.
A silence I can feel in the distance
Growing steadily
Silence that is now running
And the present chaos shakes, trembles in fear

As if the beast had realized the chains he’s bound to
As Caesar felt his reign escaping from a mark he couldn’t see
Bleeding out by a deed of tyrantency

This silence has gathered unhindered momentum
It binds with the darkness
Spreads through the air
Through negative space
unseeable mass
It’s all encompassing

I’ve been forced into dissidence
Wedged between the two
Silence and Noise.

I can feel one
But hear the other

I can Feel the snow fall
Continents away upon your eyelashes
Your sight carrying through it
Beneath the timid sun
Flesh tinted light at dawn

But I can Hear the termite
As his spine is cracked
By the stampeding feet

Even silence resting
Can be a deafening tremor to the mind
Who weans for distraction
For noise.

The noise begs on
And tourists visiting this beast
Feed it
Keeping its jaws strong
But I feel now more than ever
The viscous night
Like yeast eats at sweetness
The darkness builds in mass
Digesting the lights
Light in bedrooms sleeping
Light in cigarettes ashing
Light in the biligerent eyes
All being put out.

I see each one fade out
Consumed by the darkness of others fading prior

It’s out there
All of this
And I’ve enjoyed watching it from a café seat
Sipping on a tepid glass of tea.

Patricia Grantham 01 October 2013

A very interesting write. Seems like someone that found themselves daydreaming and then going off to far and distant places that they never would have dare to go. Very inspiring.

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