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Where is the woman
That I’m taking out to dinner

Places I’ve slept:

Mattresses; Callie-Kings, Just kings, queens, twins, doubles, fold out, drop-out,

Painting gives us action,


The chill felt upon dawn after a fire has gone out,
is like no other chill,
your body is a stone of heat,
and as the ash from bonfires gather

It’s not that you can’t capture Love
Tie it up and throw it in a box
So you can visit it when wanted,
You can if you want,

Perpetual Motion, Ouroboros, yin and yang, this is what’s birthed
when things that won’t be moved
combine with things that cannot be stopped.

They ware down,
the drivers,
the people,
were all tired,

Let every kiss
be the last every time
its the only way you'll be grateful

I can’t see your face
Behind those tulips….

Well now,

I haven’t written
One beautiful thing
For days,

At noon I woke up
told myself to make some sense
of the world

The Shortest Short Stories:
The Empty Rose Field:
A vast rose field once went unexplored by all humanity.

Some are inspired by music,
Bodies bare
Or poetry alike their own
Or not,

Your soft thighs I long for,
Growing long still, stretching over my chest,
Legs shifting like gears moving me
Holding me,

I woke up knowing what I wrote next
Would be beautiful
Also I knew that it would be for you.

I prepared each syllable in my head

It’s a Sunday
Another cold night
This series of poems will get dull
If I keep on mentioning the cold

There lied a seed in the soils of my hand
And as it began to blossom after the years that I waited
I closed my palm in fear
By the success it may have procreated

Through the tongue we could never kiss
so with our eyes, our lips
we left no emotions stranded
to be missed

Forgive an action in the moment

It needs time to fruit,
Like an idea planted in history

In silence,
Independent of –ence
Consumed by seil-,
The deaf causing

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(Please do not ask me to read your poetry, I have enough poetry to read as it is, pushing your work on me will only further thicken my distaste for you, Thank you) Has greatly accomplished little in a lot of time, Joshua Bantum, although having produced quanities of stacked work, in type and file, it`s all been neglected the simplest and most important nutrient needed for it to grow, a chance, by it`s author and by the public.)

The Best Poem Of Joshua Bantum

Waiting For Action

Where is the woman
That I’m taking out to dinner

Behind the door
Of this café
Thousands of woman know me
My type, and they want it
To laugh, to feel soft
Letting go of caution
A subtle touch upon them
Like a whisper of air
Circulating around their core
Lifting their shroud of neglect
A façade keeping weakness at bay

But the tides
They rise like a smooth death
Grasping towards the sky

Time builds and breaks everything
Especially its favorites
Objects seemingly built perfect

So I am like Time
And am patient like time, because it is patient with me
And as it sews actions of joy together for me to break
I produce fear and weakness for it to forsake

Where is the woman
Who begs to hear this vow
Who like me
Begged to find truth
Even if in the core of a lie
You must plant a tiny seed of it
And wait a lifetime longer than your own
To ever have it sprout, to curl upon new soil
Like a newborns hand wraps upon its mothers thumb
Kisses the blades of grass
Who like itself, grew through the mass

Behind that door
That sparked this rush of light
Is a world waiting, Like I’m waiting

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