Victims Of No Just Means Poem by Michael Eziudo

Victims Of No Just Means

It's darkness
Here and there each way I look I see its mess
Flowing red darkness
Burst open in force that cut short the struggles of ones once beloved
With love at heart and happiness as pursuit that came abruptly to an end
And their crime?
That they were alive at this time
And live in a land they termed secure and called home
And the land had to be appeased
Its eyes blinded by the red darkness that's not pleased
Blood of the innocent
Leaving my eyes swollen heavy full of teary testament

Mothers in place of their children laid their lives
She won't live to bury her nine months pains and the succour from her breasts
Fathers in bid to defend their egos died fighting
With their throats slithed in front of their children like any is a weakling
But children too didn't live to celebrate their fathers
Who died like heroes
They too gut their stomachs thrusted in
And their intestine gushed out
And those that could run ran
Gathering their own intestines in a bowl

Where is the love and peace our altars preach and our moon and star represents
We hear it all yet choose that lifeless cold stones are softer than our hearts
That the sight of blood holds no eerie effect
And the pains of another draw no compassionate thought
Some of us say it's all for a reward
For a reward they got their conscience seared

A reward?
When all is no more who shall cheer your reward
What greater reward is there than the joy peace and oneness gives
To the one lack of greed brings
Or the one leadership with the masses at heart seals

I'm not like you so I weep
With them that mourn for theirs who are in forceful painful sleep
With them who got stabbed at the back by people who wear same skin as them
Who went to sleep with two eyes shut
With the hope that the ones whose hands they entrusted their safety and security are capable
Or even loved them
But no, so their dying came in three folds
Shock, pain and death itself so I weep

I weep for the one who was caused forced labour yet butchered down while in delivery and her fetus chopped in pieces like carrots in vegetable salads
I weep for them left now better dead than living with broken limbs and sliced off legs and hands
I weep for children turned orphans or nursing parents left childless
I weep

Weep more for that their deaths rather caused jubilation than remorse
Weep more for that the reason for their death is nothing compared to their loss
Weep more for the country
Which faces extinction and seemingly no more deserving patriotism
For only a set now claims it is theirs at anytime
A reason they kill and maim

Sorry to you dear gone souls
You are victims
Of no just means
And demonic estates
Please rest on

Victims Of No Just Means
Killings in Jos Nigeria in May,2018 and effect of bad governance
Michael Eziudo

Michael Eziudo

Benin City, Nigeria
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