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It is revealed at last
That the downright
Have a helper,
That a needy and poor man

The bonfire of amours is burning…
Pun, emotion, and fire…
A stranger is winged by virtual kisses,
And by the distant desire.

Go ahead, and call upon the new hopes,
Slake their thirst with the nectar.
Who needs woman’s eyes,
Full of malice and vice?

Go ahead! Assault the space,
Tear up the tangles of your fate.
Your diligence will bear fruit,
If you’re kind to the untrue mate…

A travesty with a grotesque indication

It’s time we stripped off our garments,
And attired in our own sins…

All hail to the purple race
That flutters from heaven
And the space beyond.
It is to bestow mercy

The world was dozing,
It was tired and worn.
“Man is supported by man,
A fence – by blackthorn! ”

The lust for search lay in ambush,
Awaiting the space-time,
And snatched the boundless love
From the second – from the while.

A drama with lyrical affection

The cold draft bursts into the house,
It freezes, winter bangs on the doors,

Hold in high respect… with ardor
The inward customs and order,
The virtue bestowed on you –
The dear and sacred gift…

He lost his way, and finding it,
Finds no abode… life’s cruel…
He again wants to find the way,
And he rebels against the rule…

To the unknown brother-in arms
You fight against your own body,
You crave for training your will,

A worthless man demands justice,
Complains of his misery to God,
Of those who, cause him trouble…
He forgets that he is a fraud.

He is born exhausted and tired,
He wishes to go back, to retire.
He is born with a shadow of vague sadness.
And appears a space – empty and helpless…

Teasing oneself

Fall in, take places in the rank,

The tiny bird has to feign death,
She’s lucky if she isn’t caught…
I’ve heard that a kite, too,
Is afraid of such lot…

The malady can be healed by madness…
He plays a fool, but he is a sage.
The time of such wisdom has come,
He preaches the wisdom of age.

“It’s so trying to live without you…
Love is such a painful thing,
That my life is wasted away, ”
This way the little birdie sings.

The sacred fruit of the fancy
Flowed down,
Temped the heart,
Made it rebel…

He seeks all those who were lost,
All those, who had left him.
Many remained just toastmasters,
Some fell down from the hill…

Janri Gogeshvili Biography

In exchange for press-release… …As I have mentioned before, the mysteries that help us to apprehend the esoteric wisdom, deserve some warmth and love, as well as the views remained as inactive dogmas, need perfection in the intellectual space and careful arrangement in the active maxims. Janri A. Gogeshvili - Georgian Writer, born in 1946)

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! At Last It Is Revealed…

It is revealed at last
That the downright
Have a helper,
That a needy and poor man
Is not always a beggar,
That God helps
The artless and upright,
Promising them
Radiance and light.

It is revealed at last
That a single warrior
Is helped by the forces –
The threats to the foe,
And that the unclad
But attired in grace
Are able to assault
The whole space…

It is revealed in the end
That the enemy
Turns into a friend –
Into a brother proud
Of his descent,
That God is
With the artless
And upright,
Promising them
Radiance and light.


Translated from Georgian

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Janri Gogeshvili Popularity

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