Voltaic Soul Poem by Axley Jade Blaze

Voltaic Soul

It was his raw, sexual magnetism that drew me in, initially.
He was on sexual fire, and even I comprehended that much. His eyes were magnetic and hungry. I felt they could burn a hole through me, make me cum with just a glance.
But slowly, it became something more, something larger, something that would continue to grow and expand into an unfathomable longing, a secret longing, wanting something you can never really have.
I adored things like his sharp, beautiful bone structure, particularly his cheekbones, and his full mouth, a mouth so pretty and pouty it should belong to a girl.
But it was none of those things that ultimately brought me to my knees, and that made me love him intensely.
It was this other thing: these peculiar contradictions, masculinity contradicted by sensitivity. Perversion contradicted by innocence. A child-like fragility somewhere deep down in there.
How his darkness could transmute instantly into playfulness, making his dangerous attributes feel like a myth.
And his passion; passion for life, for living, for music and creativity, for love and sex. It was devouring, breath-taking!
He was like watching electricity personified.
He was all heat, fire, and flames.
And I loved him, I loved him. And I still do.

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Voltaic Soul
Wednesday, June 5, 2024
Topic(s) of this poem: affinity and love,obsession,sex,sexy,bittersweet love,infatuation,sexuality,electricity,fire
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