W War Is $well

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Really, W war is romantically great?
Only if it's not W's fate!
Money by W and his friends to be made.
America - completely played!
No valid reasons for W war?
Counterfeit W excuses by the score!
Invasion to find 'them' terrorists so extreme -
Nothing but a phony W scheme?
Guns AND butter on borrowed money -

Trillions to be spent now ain't so funny!
Holy war talks with God -
Experiencing his own W jihad?

Don't have time for none of 'them' military funerals so ultra romantic!
Rituals for the blood sacrificing - so pedantic?
Off now to foul up all that's economic?
No W cranial power more than subatomic -
Entirely tragicomic!

'It must be exciting for you... in some ways romantic, in some ways, you know, confronting danger.'
- George W. Bush,3-13-08 in a videoconference with troops in Afghanistan

$3.5 billion per week! His MOS - more of same? All NOT MENTALLY present and accounted for, Sir?

Michael Pruchnicki 23 March 2008

Nobody but a complete fool buys your argument that war is romantic or great in any sense but in the magnitude of death and destruction! I find your trite expression *W war* to be childish and naive, typical of taunts hurled by those who dwell in some land of eternal peace that never was! The *younge man* who fights pretty well knows the risks involved. There has been no conscription since Vietnam! Get your facts straight before committing to writing a poem!

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Aldo Kraas 23 March 2008

War is the thing that destroys lives But at the same time makes the bomb manufacturer's rich Because it keeps people in war I mean fightin in the war Every younge man goes crazy for the war They sign up for it But do they understand the risk involved I don't think so?

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