Walk With Me Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Walk With Me

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"Please, can you not walk with me"?
"Can you not share my burden and make me free"?
She was almost in tears and looked at my face
I had seen gradual change in her phase by phase

She was, not arrogant, but intoxicated by beauty
Almost blinded by money, power and dominant personality
No doubt she belonged to very much affluent family
But as an ordinary proud man I lived too very happily

We were almost drawn by qualities in contrast
Yet with super performance and influence to last
On people's mind with almost magic spell
She was associated with theatre and performing well

I am writer of original class and alone
She has her own murky world and adored by precious stones
I go with simple words and make honorable position
She goes like thunder storm with brain and beauty composition

We have never demanded anything to compromise
On the contrary struck with position and promises
She was all out for me and me totally for her
To stand by in all the situation and face together

I think she had realized about the short duration
Beautiful image and money should not come in the way of relation
With this firmness in mind she uttered "please"
I want your hand and make me at ease

I had waited all along for such event
This was one of the happiest moments
One of the beautiful figures on my side forever
I had to take many things into consideration however

I took split second decision and looked ahead
My eyes reassured her and took the lead
"You are my queen and jewel in crown"
Move few steps with me and make it known

"She may be happiest person" I thought
The happiness and joy was definitely brought
I failed to under why did she take long time?
Where as I was for her and had willingness any time


Since no reason can be found for such an unfamiliar attraction between man and woman, it is said, as an excuse, that marriage is made in Heaven. Rajaram Ramachandran, Juhu, Mumbai June,24,2112

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Khushi Raaj Bhatiya I'm a slow walker, but I never walk back 54 minutes ago via mobile · Unlike · 1

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leafsailor We do not know why we must wait but we we do, I love the honesty of the work and I was totally drawn into the story

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Frances Anna Ayers Lovely! 11 seconds ago · Like

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“Please, can you not walk with me”? “Can you not share my burden and make me free”? She was almost in tears and looked at my face I had seen gradual change in her phase by phase

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