Walking Umbrellas Poem by Aileen Figueroa

Walking Umbrellas

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It was a grayish and cloudy day as
I approach my apartment window.
Curiosity dare me to take a peek out
into the rainy streets of Brooklyn.
I embraced the window ledge,
allowing the soft see-through lace curtains brush my curvy backside.
A cool breeze of water gently sprays on my chubby cheeks. Amusedly, like if being tickled, I giggle.

All I could see,
as I spy with my big brown eyes…
They were bouncing around,
Walking Umbrellas! ! !
An army of what seems to be
an alien's invasion…
Yes! ! !
Of Walking Umbrellas.

Umbrellas with just legs and feet's.
All kind of different colors shapes and sizes.
Some umbrellas matched
with their boots or shoes.
Some Umbrellas had funny face's
other had flowers or patterns.
Some umbrellas were extremely fast! ! !
Others umbrellas just floated by
with the rest of the stream.
Some umbrellas had written messages.
"I love NY", "I heart life", or
"Don't forget to give a hug or a smile today".

The streets looked mighty cheerful
with its mix colors.
Like a big giant parade of rainbows
streaming by on the streets of Brooklyn.
I smile down with appreciation
from my apartment window.
I found beauty on a grayish day
on the street of Brooklyn.

Dedicated: To The People Of Brooklyn
Written: Aileen Figueroa /SingleStar.

Born: 1/11/2014, while watching the rain comedown from my apartment window

Thursday, October 22, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: funny
I fond myself amusingly entertain, while watching the rain comedown from my apartment window. I know it sounds silly but it made me happy, as they say it's the little things that can make a differences.
Dawn Novus 30 August 2017

The picture you paint so well I feel I was there too, umbrellas and colours and NY love.

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