War! Poem by Tariq Alkaritty


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War, is the doom's day trumpet blown!
Its bearers encroaching on, deaden
Any glint of warmth from the soul
Mothers and children plummet into
A somber night that only grows cold
Its milieu is doused in a sea of despair
Lo! What its denizens would ransom
For a fresh breath not taken in haste
Ineptly wondering for a next and a next!

Its dust settles and spirals like a web
Sweeping away loved ones like ashes
With a wind that dries the lashes
Of eyes sopped in blurry glances
All, in a motherland where its children pine for peace
Disheartened by horrific nights, without much sleep
Where no one sun bathes, or ever notices a moonlit sky
Even though, there dangles no roof to bear dreams
It perplexes - whether it is worth all, or naught, to fight!

Some brawl for a kingdom, and others for gold
It is only a sport for those who hold pawns
In a realm where one man's loss is another's gain!
The hypocrites, secretly barter in others pain
It is always more blood diamonds with no shame
How inauspicious for those below the food chain
What then, unfetters the hapless from mayhem
A messiah? Or the cliff at the bumpy road's end?
The stroll down memory lane, suddenly seems so strange!

Wednesday, June 5, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: war
Jazib Kamalvi 18 June 2019

such a nice write, Tariq. Read my poem Love and L u s t. Thanks

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Tariq Alkaritty

Tariq Alkaritty

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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