War Shameful War In Syria.. Poem by Clinton Siegle

War Shameful War In Syria..

Syria beware of meanness please
you are about to wonder why meanness please
reality is war in a moment of time reflected in eternity please
I wander on the topic of war forgive me please
Almighty please have mercy and forgive please

Meanness from Us of a
Eternity forgiveness please
Almighty please have mercy and forgive please
Need to help those with poverty please
Not war on Syria please
Eternity of forgiveness please
Sensible forgiveness please
State sponsored peace please

Syria beware before war
You beware of war
Reality is war
I wonder about war
Almighty prayer against war

Beware of the footprints of war
Eternity of sand war
Almighty prayer against war
Reality of time for war
Eternity of war

All war
Reality is war

War war war
Cry peace peace peace
War War War
Why instead not a war on poverty
Why not a war to fix that which is broken instead of peace
Fix the water systems
Fix the public schools
Create a war on the social problems
Create peace by education
Create a peace by clean water
Create a peace with full employment
Prisons with two million human faces
VISA H has three million jobs already in place
Officially 6.6 unemployment unofficially 23% or more
Eleven million illegal aliens working someplace
Fifty billion sent to India, another fifty billion to Mexico
A billion equates to 23,000 jobs paying 43k
That is two million jobs being paid overseas
Plus 11 illegal,
Plus three million VISA H,
Plus the supposedly four million openings
That is twenty million positions someplace
Let the Us of a elect people that care about people here
Not someplace else
Let the war be on poverty
Not in Syria
Not on human suffering someplace else
Pay the money to help here in the Us of A place

Iran versus Saudi Arabia
A republic with rule of law problems versus
Unitary state, Islamic state, Absolute monarchy with Religious law problems
Which is right which is wrong

Let the world watch
9/11 the whole group was Saudi Arabia someone in the monarchy paid
Iran kidnapped an embassy let us say
Taliban again Saudi Arabia does pay

Iran trying to save their own religious way The Islamic Republic is a system based on belief in:
Theocracy is a form of government republic with official recognition of Jews, and Christians
Saudi Arabia boycotts of Israel, and controls through finance an empire
Through the official form of Islam is Sunni of the Hanbali school, in its Salafi

What is this world a belief in one creator?
Is there only one belief?

Syria Peace Please
You are in for a war I know peace please
Reality is other people are paying for this war
In reality Sau di oil money is not so peaceful please
A reality of war

Peace please
earth peace please
almighty peace mercy please
cease fire peace please
earth runs not on oil peace

Please peace mercy please
loving kindness peace
earth mercy please
almighty mercy please
sensible peace
earth mercy please

Syria at war within itself
You are fighting those that would live within themselves
Reality war material given to the other side would you fight yourself
I believe Saudis are paying for your blood shame on themselves
All that money for blood

War is the destruction of community
All that money could be spent buying land and changing ideology
Reality is a moment in time of war

Run away Syria
Uniquely at war
Never at peace within itself

Away from hate
Win with peace
Away from hate
You can be at peace

Run away faster for peace
Unique how a world is no longer at peace
Never mind time is but a moment in reality of peace

Faster towards the end
Almighty forgive Us a gain
Service the needy and poor for peace
Time is but a moment of reality in war

War in Syria is all sad I know, thinking about the war I realize now war is mans team work for destruction
Shame on the war in Syria paid for by American oil money 
Shame on the war in Libya paid for by American oil money 
Shame on the war in Egypt paid for By American oil money 
Evil is the government that works towards war 
Evil is war meaning war is worst than hell for in hell no innocent die in war 
Evil are people of this world that can not change to peace instead of war 
Change was promised to America 
Change was forgotten to ask good or evil for America 
Change like Anderson consulting company destroying America 
Destroy the world within by giving into its evil sins 
Destroy the state from within by giving people their desired evil sins 
Destroy law from within by not working coordinating together within is sins 
How can we as a nation change for the better 
How can we as a nation stand up for what is right or better 
How can we look for a life that is better 
Seek the creator on you knees be praying 
Seek heroes that are on their knees praying 
Seek good instead of evil on television and keep praying 
Chance favors those that take the opportunities 
Chance might save us all with an opportunity 
Chance is luck which favors opportunities 
Peace is what this world needs 
Peace is where we should listen with ears to their needs 
Peace to help those with needs 
Love is what this world needs 
Love to heal the hurt in people needs 
Love please help those of us in need 
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