War Vote Green Party Poem by Clinton Siegle

War Vote Green Party

No to war
only the dead here on this planet 4.5 billion years old won´t hear
To war they cry with Russia, Syria, To war they cry
openly hostility to those that say no to war, that say save the Boer
War is wrong it destroys
all is lost here at 4.5 billion years old earth..
reality at 6.5 billion year old earth I am not to sure we listen then

The US spent hundreds billions of dollars fighting the Bush Cheney war in Iraq = a war we should never have gotten into. If we spent one trillion on rebuilding schools, roads, and infrastructure (bridges, water plants, rail, airports, etc)we could create some 13 million decent paying jobs and make our country more productive. THERE was a total of 4 trillion dollars or 52 million jobs instead of bullying people. WARMONGERS VOTE DEMOCRAT
Who started WWI? Not Muslims. Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924)Democrat 1913-1921 - campaigned against the war one month later declared war due to ammunition transport with civilians being blown up after warnings.
- Who started WWII? Not Muslims Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882-1945)Democrat 1933-1945 - campaigned against the war - but opening caused the war with japan per policy of democrats 1940
- Who got us into Vietnam over flat out lies particularly the Gulf of Tonkin which never happened? Not Muslims Lyndon Johnson
Lyndon Baines Johnson (1908-1973)Democrat 1963-1969 the incident never happened -
Who got us into or has continued to bomb
Libya bombed murdered leader Obama Democrat (2009-2016)
Egypt imprisoned leader/murdered citizens Obama Democrat (2009-2016)
Syria bombed and attempt murder leader Obama Democrat (2009-2016)
Somalia bombed citizens Obama Democrat (2009-2016)
Pakistan bombed citizens Obama Democrat (2009-2016)
Afghanistan bombed citizens Obama Democrat (2009-2016)
Philippines bombed citizens Obama Democrat (2009-2016)
Yemen bombed citizens Obama Democrat (2009-2016)
Iraqi bombed citizens Obama Democrat (2009-2016) VOTE Green party

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