Warmongers Are The Death Of Humanity. Poem by Clinton Siegle

Warmongers Are The Death Of Humanity.

Warmongers are the death of humanity.
Awkward to see American Warmongers.
Reality searching wars of warmongers.
Mongering for war over and over.
Open hostility to humanity.
Need to read the fake Gulf of Tonken murdered two million Vietnamese Civilians. 
Go read fake gassing by Syrian Government.
Eternity cries for Iraqi no Weapons of Mass Destruction.
REM Lusitania, World War I ammunition transport illegal arms.
Seriously, Jim Jones worked on Bay of Pigs?
America wars with Iran evilness again.
Reality, Civil war Democrats not accepting a Republican president?
Eternity, evilness of Spanish American war on Spain remember the Maine boiler blew.
The Mexican American War, US soldiers on Mexican soil.
Honest, American wars seem all evil and greed.
Evil and greed.
Death of humanity.
Eternity looks at thermonuclear war.
America media claiming it will help climate change?
Time to pray for peace, a time to pray for peace.
Honest, US to kill humanity over greed.
United States of America causing thermonuclear war over greed.
Mankind dying for US greed.
America dying for US greed.
Nations rise and fall.
Indeed, evil allows the death of humanity with greed.
Time to pray to end greed.
You have a choice to be made.

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