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Wash -Till- Holes Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky - Poem by Yuri Starostin

Wash -till- holes Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky

The blanket
Ran away,
The sheet flew,
And the pillow,
Like a frog,
Rode away from me.

I go for a candle,
Candle in the oven!
I am for the book,
That escape
And skipping
Under the bed!

I want to drink tea,
Run to the samovar
But the paunchy one from me
Fled, as from a fire.

God, God,
What is happened?
All around
And ran by the wheel?
An irons
A boots,
A boots
a pies,
A pies
An irons,
A poker
A sash -
Everything revolves,
And spinning,
And rushing head over a heels.

Suddenly the askew-legged and lame
Washbasin run
from my mother's bedroom
And shakes by his head:
'Oh, you are nasty, Oh, you are dirty,
Unwashed pig!
You are blacker a chimney sweep,
Look at yourself:
You have a wax on the neck
A blot is under your nose,
You have such arms,
That even a pants escaped,
Even a pants even a pants
Ran away from you.
A mice wash early
in the morning at a dawn,
And a kittens and a ducklings
And a bugs, and a spiders do.
Only you're not washed
And messy remained,
And a stockings and a shoes
And ran away from the dirty one.

I Am The Great Washbasin,
The famous Wash- till- hole,
The washbasin Head
And the Commander of a wisps!

If I'll stomp your foot,
Will call my soldiers,
The crowd of a sinks
Will fly in this room,
And barks, and howl,
And will rattling by the foots,
And dressing down you,
Unwashed, will give -
Dip with a head
Right in the Moyka
Right in the Moyka! '
He struck in the copper basin
And cried: 'Kara-Baras! '

And now the same brush, brush
Cracked as a ratchet,
And let me treat,

'Wash, wash the sweep
Clean, clean, clean, clean!
To be, to be a chimney sweep
Clean, clean, clean, clean! '

Here and the soap jumped
And grasped in the hair,
And bustle, and soap,
And biting, as the wasp.

And I rushed from the frenzied washcloths
As from the sticks,
And It is for me, for me
On the Sadovaya, on the Sennaya.

I am to the Tavricheskiy garden,
Jumped through the fence,
And It rushes after me
And bites like a wolf.

Suddenly to meet my good,
My favorite Crocodile.
He with Totosha and Kokosha
Pass by the alley.
And the sponge, like a jackdaw,
Like a jackdaw, swallowed.
And then how shall roar
To me,
So will rattling by the foots
To me:
'Go-go you home
Yes, wash the face,
Otherwise I fly so
Crush and swallow!

As I went down the street
to flee,
I ran to the sink

By the soap, by the soap,
By the soap, by the soap,
Washed without an end,
Washed and a wax
And a ink
From an unwashed face.
And now the pants, the pants
And jumped into my arms.
The pie followed by:
'Come on, eat me, honey! '
The sandwich followed by:
Jumped - and right in the mouth!

So the book was turned back,
The notebook returned back,
And the grammar went
With an arithmetic to dance.
Here The Great Washbasin,
The Famous Wash-till-hole,
The Head of a WashBasin
And the Commander of a wisps,
Ran up to me, dancing,
And, kissing, said:

'Now I love you,
Now I praise you!
Finally, you slob,
Hit to Wash-till-hole! '
It is necessary to wash
In the mornings and evenings,
And to the unclean
Chimney -
The shame and dishonour!
The shame and dishonour!
Long live to the scented soap,
And the fluffy towel,
And the tooth powder,
And the fine -tooth comb!
Let us wash, splash,
Swim, dive, spin
In the vat, in the trough, in the tub,
In the river, in the stream, in the ocean, -
And in the hearth and in the bath,
Always and everywhere -
The eternal glory to the water!

Topic(s) of this poem: fairy tale

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