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No, my friends and enemies,
(I do not like that word) ,
this is by no means an appeal
and nothing you have heard
about the present situation
that is allowed to smoulder
has been effective to create
support for ailing spines
I think that those who cannot stand
to speak some truthful lines
ought to reflect of who they are
when entering debate
or from behind the fence they throw
turd-pebbles with much glee,
I want to tell them what I think
perhaps it ain't just me.
You, those who idly sit and watch
when justice is perverted
and move no finger, feel no need
when truth has been deserted
you do remind me of the crowd
who stood and watched her stripped and raped,
her killing in the street
it makes me wonder what has shaped
your conscience, is it hidden?
The saying goes that evil things
will happen everywhere
if good men just sit back and smile
as if they were not there.

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Sandra Osborne 25 March 2005

Thank you Herbert. This is EXACTLY what I have been saying. Very well done, I agree with you completely and yes the fun is draining away. Love, Sandra

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Herbert Nehrlich1 24 March 2005

Thanks Janice. Let them have their fun? Sorry, but for me the fun is over. H

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Anong All 24 March 2005

Hello Herbert, ....Guess, I am just watching and smiling..., Interesting insight...., thanks for sharing. With Respect, Jodilee

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kenneth william snow 24 March 2005

For heaven's sake Herbert, ITS (notice I left off the apostrophe, thanks for the grammar lesson) just poetry! ! For the record I am not one who randomly assigns a 1 to a poem. But if I were is it right to consider that an injustice? Isn't there real injustice occurring across the globe daily? To call mediocre ratings an injustice is a slap in the face to those who truly suffer. I rate poems honestly and do not allow personal opinions to influence my vote. There are just as many abusers of the system who score every posting of their favorite poets with a 10 whether deserved or not. Why not rail against that injustice? Take care Herbert and sincere best wishes! Peace! KN

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Janice M Pickett 24 March 2005

Sorry but I have a right to rate this and you deserve a 10 as usual for your high standard of mastering a situation. Don't you fall into the trap young Herbert. You are a great poet. Your friends and even your ENEMIES agree with me. If they didn't they wouldn't waste time giving you ones. Jealousy is such a sick emotion. Let them have their fun. Hugs Jan

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