Water Poem by Clinton Siegle


There is no life without water

honesty on water issues

every drop going to a mining company

reality is water is a resource

everyone should have water

isn't life made with water

silly question 100 percent of life is water

no life without water

openly we need water

Life without water is not life,

I need water

For everyone should have water

Eternity comprises water

Without water there is no life

In life we need water

Time to get more water

Honesty there is water

Open your doors, Nestles

Unique, you force humanity to purchase water

Time to change who owns the water

Water should be for the people

All humanity should own water

Time for a revolt for water

Even they make an eternity of water

Reality: all life needs water

Is there life without water?

Silly no, there is no life without water

No life without water

Open your doors to water

Life is not life without water

I need water

Fortunately, the world has water

Everyone needs water

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