Water Into Water

I recently left some water on the table…only half a cup
but I was thirty so I took the water pitcher and quickly filled it up…

As I poured water into water it became obvious to me
when the water from the pitcher met the water from the cup…
they blended easily.

And once the two waters joined together
once they were completely blended
I could not tell where one water began
and where the other water ended.

And I thought it doesn't matter where this water comes from
out of my spigot or across the sea
when I pour water into water…they blend so easily.

And I thought it doesn't matter the color of the waters
because it's easy to comprehend
when water is mixed with water…
how easily they blend.

In fact the colors blend quite beautifully
without having to be taught
when one water is a color…and the other one is not.

When two colors of water come together
both colors are transformed…
and from two separate colors
a new color is formed….

It led me to think about water…and humans
and it suddenly occurred to me
If humans are mostly made up of water
shouldn't we blend more easily?

Thursday, October 17, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: acceptance,water