We Are Not Sinners Poem by Mohammad Younus

We Are Not Sinners

We are not sinners، we need no salvation;
We are God's chosen creation;
We have come to this Earth۔۔۔
...for reverberating it with music of life;
We are sent here as his vicegerent;
We cannot escape from the work...
...assigned to us;
We have to walk in complete obedience;
Life has its special meaning divine;
We have to do our predestined job in cheer;
Sloth and sluggish we must not be...
...we are born to serve as his active agents;
In joy and grief dutiful we must be to please our creator;

This life is full of pain and agonies;
Our heart sheds tears of blood;
The injuries to our heart never heal up;
Every hour we write the stories of agonies۔۔۔
in our book of Life;
As we try to read the book of life...
...we find
Its first and last pages missing;
We are unable to know the beginning and...
...the ending of the drama of life;
Even the hottest sun rays do not melt down...
...the glaciers piled up on the mountains of life;
By our will and wisdom we try but...
...to meet the arduous challenges of life;
Our creator but has a sublime and
beautiful plan...
...behind our creation,
Life has a deep meaning and celebration!
We are active agents of God to put into action...
...his blueprint of our creation;
Glory of God we sing in full submission;
Our creator gives us some of his powers...
...to do his assignment with perfection.


We Are Not Sinners
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