Ace Of Black Hearts

Silver Star - 4,222 Points (04/17/1984 / Homa Lousiana)

We Are The Good Guys - Poem by Ace Of Black Hearts

What lies behind these words thick, heavy, and dark.
A stroll at midnight through the park.
A slasher film gone terribly wrong.
The killer dies before the murders can even start.
As hate turns into love from far above.
A shadow knight gazing upon the sun.
He knows it will mean instance death if he looks yet he still does.
It was not the way it was suppose to be.
And with the supposing their was only one possibility.
A delight of delights, with heaven almost in sight.
Breaking the angel wings, ripping them off, and making them his own.
Cruel and unjust, but how would it be if it was the only way.
That is to say in a world where only one rule rules.
A blatant attempt to try to make everyone eat the same old gruel day after day.
Watch as the taste buds within the tongue decay.
They know of nothing any better so why would they even care.
Oblivious to the world beyond which I let them see,
It is for all our own good.
Let the mind not be tempted by wondering thoughts for who really knows where of this wondering might lead
As if something only of the bad could ever come.
A fear unjust, but engaged in so much.
You can't protect yourself only we can.
So their is most certainly no need for you to have those guns.
The right to bare arms against most certainly not us.
Oh how the tables could turn and have already.
A projected image of our constant happiness.
But how could that be in any reality?
Visions so poor, images continuously blurred.
What you think you saw was really never their.
A panic of the great despair.
Please we need to breath so clear the air.
A constant of squeezing is not nurturing, but instead smothering.
A life choked out, by its own heritage.
You were born into it so you will never escape.
The race is fixed and only we know the winners.
We create them every day.
Images for you to continuous idolize while our lies are written into law.
Effective immediately to save you.
Come on now you would not refuse the help, for I know you need it.
All we ask is first you must let us spit in your face as we chain you to this electric fence.
No how much do you want with the switch being in our hand.
Just remember we were the ones that gave a damn.

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