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We Call It Faith

Rating: 5.0

The dust settles and past has been locked
Roads are empty where you once walked
The veiled songs of when you were young
Never seem to be back on your tongue.

Something’s changed, yet somehow it is the same
Stuck in a rut of time, yet the clocks’ hands tick away
Too afraid to let the past spill on the canvas of today? -
Just look up at the sky
And he will show you the way.

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Joe Breunig 05 December 2006

An enjoyable write; we must always remember that our past does not have to be a defining factor of our future; nicely done.

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Arshaj Gaikwad 18 December 2006

well preets, you c the rhymes do the magic...feels great to read it.. eeeeexcellent work..and a great title keep up......arshaj

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Catastrophe King 10 December 2006

There is a different aura in the writing here..... should I say that you are maturing with time.... like the cellar wine! You have touched some chords here and feelings melt.... I love to read you!

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Asma Bahrainwala 07 December 2006

an excellent write, Preets... love... Asma...

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Arti Chopra 06 December 2006

Thats a sad haunting poem Preeti, speaking of a forlorn hurt...great imagery... well I have also begun writing after a long break...had many guests from India... great to read you again... love Arti

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Tranquil Ocean 05 December 2006

Preeti...I think this is one of your best poems. Great going tho its been a looong time. Love...TO

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