Francis Duggan

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We Do Not Like Those Different To Us

We do not like those different to us do not welcome boat refugees
As they may be latent terrorists or carriers of disease
Since already in our Country far too many agitating minorities
Are we not a bit judge-mental and not easy for to please?

We do always find some reason or excuse for to complain
We do not like the warm sunshine and we do not like the rain
Of what it takes to be happy of ourselves we do deny
By the way we talk and grizzle we are hard to satisfy

For our very narrow views on life we find others for to blame
And we feel those who disagree with us ought to hang their heads in shame
And permanent residents who find fault with our way of life should be sent back to from where they came
Those who lack patriotic fervor to criticize us seem too game.

We believe that we are tolerant and uphold the values in the fair go for all
And we surely love our cricket and our own codes of football
And if migrants do not like how we live in our Land they should not stay
For this thing called multiculturalism such a high price we do pay

Though some others may not like us we believe that we are fair
And we stand by our opinions and our views are not shy to air
We love our sporting and war heroes and we support our footy club
And we enjoy our get together for a few beers at the pub

Why should we spend time in worrying what outsiders of us say
Since than others we are better and who is perfect anyway
And we feel proud of our Nations flag and our National Heroes with pride we recall
And those who criticize us in their ways do seem so small.

Topic(s) of this poem: people

Poem Submitted: Thursday, July 28, 2016

Form: Verse

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