We Do Use Our Senses Poem by Gert Strydom

We Do Use Our Senses

(in answer to André le toit)


Constantly our eyes do tell us stories about the world,
from the things that they do spy of it
and from this observation we do judge
how we do fit in and how we do experience it.

Our lips and tongues do carry over messages,
do express emotions and caress,
do process with the mouth
taste, texture and even feeling.

Our hands do follow our commands,
do take and do open things and touch
can even serve as our weapons
or give signs to communicate.

Our ears hear noises, sounds and voices
that takes things for our evaluation to the brain
where interpretation just like the eyes do give reality
and do directly affect understanding and emotion.


So we use our senses to sum up each other,
to come to conclusions over each other,
to examine our feelings for each other
and others do astonish us daily

where we do experience joy, love, anger and even hatred,
do read volumes out of expressions and each gesture,
as we are mostly social beings that do want to fit in somewhere
and sometimes live is easy and sometimes it's difficult

but there is always a space in us that are searching for fulfilment
where people do come together in cliques like chicken clucking together,
will do almost anything just to fit in
and in life we are constantly tested and tempted

while people search for people that do stand in their shoes,
to someone that does really understand us,
to a kind of perfection that do fill the empty places
and so we do go through life

till on a day we do realize that the Lord God does fill all spaces
and we do uncover ourselves, and the depth of our hearts to Him,
then suddenly do realise that He had been right here all of the time,
while we do notice how He does fulfil our greatest dreams with His love.

[Reference: "dan dra ons tone soos versiersels aan ons voete" (then we carry toes like ornaments on our feet) by André le toit.]
© Gert Strydom

Gert Strydom

Gert Strydom

Johannesburg, South Africa
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