We'Re All God's Children Poem by Holly Jamestone

We'Re All God's Children

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Though spoonfed prayers by nuns and priests
Both she and I were “We”
My Best Friend since the Second Grade
With so much World to see

Just one of those forever friends
Embracing words with grace
Together wearing matching plaid
And petticoats of lace

“We’re ALL God’s children, ” we were told
And in our hearts we knew
That through His goodness we’d been formed
And, in His likeness, grew

We traded our plaid uniforms
For wedding gowns one day
And as our children grew in love
No one could take away

The message we had tenderly
Embraced with all our being
Donned with God’s compassion
And divine hearts meant for seeing

“We’re ALL God’s children, ” Lovely One
And who you are is fine
You’re perfect in your mother’s eyes
Oh, precious child of mine

You’re perfect in the eyes of all
And born just as you are
If ignorant clouds must block your sun
You’re still my shining star

I do not care if you’re a boy
A girl, or in between
I always will protect you, Dear
From anyone who’s mean

Sadly some adults will make assumptions
And be narrow
Perhaps bad apples in a bunch
Run over by the barrow

Maybe they were never taught
God’s message or their mother’s
“We’re All God’s Children, ” Gifted One
And we should LOVE ALL OTHERS

And when you are a man one day
And find you love a man
My mother’s love intensifies
It’s all part of the plan

You were born the way you are
I wouldn’t change a thing
I’m proud that you can come to me
And you’re my underling

“We’re ALL God’s children, ” Precious One
And please do not forget
The ones who are the blindest
Will be the most upset

My love for you is deeper
Than the stars, the moon, the sun
“We’re ALL God’s children, ” Special Child
And, in His Eyes, we’re one

'We’re all God’s Children, ' don’t you see
And you’re a precious find
For anyone who doesn’t see
Your value must be blind

My girlfriend since the Second Grade
Has made me proud, you see
For letting her amazing boys
Be who they’re meant to be

My child and hers are all the same
Just colors in the sphere
And who they love and how they love
Is what they’ll hold most dear

My love for her is deeper
Than the stars, the moon, the sun
“We’re ALL God’s children, ” Special Friend
And in His Eyes We’re One

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I am a heterosexual who loves all! -Holly Jamestone
Dave Walker 05 August 2013

A great poem, true friendship is hard to find, so when you have it it's one of the best feelings in the world.

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