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I am a young boy and I love writing poems. I get good grades in English and in Social Studies. I also get good grdes in math. I enjoy science but some things I don't understand. My parents are devorced and both are remarried. All of my parents are just great to me. I have three brothers and two sister. Jimmy (step) , Michael (real) , Joseph (half) , Emily (step) , and Allison (step) . Their ages range from two till eighteen! So I get my share of things I can and cannot do. Now my mom is on here and I need you to read her work. E-mail her, Tisa Buis. She is great. I really want to please all of you who read my poems.

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James Jones 19 March 2005

Y did u even ask 4 help with all this stuff ur doin fine, much better thn me!

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#1 Mom

I've got a mom,
So incredible,
So kind,
You wouldn't believe that she is mine.

She has worked two jobs,
To send me to school,
I love her so much,
She is so cool.

She has taught me to love,
She has shown me a dove,
This lady my mom,
Is all good above.

Mrs. Mom,
Please come to the stand,
Present your case,
Please hold my hand.

She is always there,
Right by my side,
So when my baby comes,
I won't need to hide.

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Robert Hall Popularity

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