We Shouldn't Poem by Randy McClave

We Shouldn't

Just because they are black
We shouldn't be a racist and attack,
Just because of the color of their skin
We should not ever commit a sin.
We should not ever cause them pain or hurt,
Prejudices we should not ever exert.

Just because they are Asian
Upon them there should be no hate or brutal invasion,
Just because they don't look like me or you
Or talk the same way that we do.
Upon them there should be no hate,
Mocking and pain from bigotry should not be their fate.

Just because they are Hispanic
Unto them there should be no fear or panic,
Because of their color or from where they came
Our troubles upon them we shouldn't blame.
We should not wish them to suffer and cry,
Because of racism and it's lie.

Just because they are from the Middle East
Doesn't mean that anguish upon them we should feast,
Just because of their different belief and creed
Doesn't mean that they are an evil breed.
We can't judge them all, just because of a few,
We don't know the life or circumstances they been through.

Just because I am white
Please don't judge me because of the right,
We are all equal and the same in God's eyes
Even though unto others many of us wear a disguise.
Racism and bigotry we should not ever condone,
Just because of someone's chromosome.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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