Francis Duggan

We Support The Conservative Government - Poem by Francis Duggan

We returned the Government to power since we are doing okay
We canvassed for and voted for them on the Election Day
With them in power we genuinely feel our future is more secure
Us middle class are not to blame for the increasing poor.

We voted for the Govwernment since the Government treat us fair
As the Government for the middle class and the wealthy seem to genuinely care
Our three million dollar Suburban home will soon be mortgage free
We would never vote for a political party who support those in poverty.

We support the conservative Government and we back them all the way
Since with them in power the economy does well and less tax we have to pay
The working poor and those on pensions as well as those on welfare
Suffer the cutbacks so we can gain and we feel that is fair.

We support the Government since they protect us from terrorists who spread fear
By declaring war on terrorism to all they've made it clear
That you better not to mess with us or we'll bomb you from the sky
And we call it collateral damage when the innocents do die.

If we wish to get wealthier we do not see that as greed
And we support the Conservative Government since they understand our need
They only work on our behalf and us they never fail to please
They declare war on terror and deport war refugees.

We support the Conservative Government since they are on our side
And the Trade Unions and the Working Class they see fit to deride
And we despise all Socialist Parties since they favour the poor
And just imagine with them in Government how could we feel secure.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, March 30, 2008

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