We'Ve Met Poem by Nika McGuin

We'Ve Met

Rating: 4.3

I'd say, I've never seen
the sea
but, I'm fibbing
as it huddles
all about me
- we've met -

I hear its sloshing
as wind caresses leaves
an unmistakable sea song
- we've met -

I see it move
as clouds waft amidst blue
I behold the sea's mirror
- we've met -

And I feel its lull
as its waves cradle me
and rock me to sleep
- we've met -

All along
seashells have been sent
to be strung together
- we've met -

Thursday, April 3, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: sea
Daniel Brick 10 April 2014

Your evocation of the sea is especially vivid in this poem. Each descriptive passage gives one sharp image and then the poem moves on - together these passages create a complete impression of being seaside. The imagery of the sea adds to the repetition of WE'VE MET, it seems to adds its weight and power to the assertion.The string of seashells seems to be a momento left behind to mark this occasion. (When I was in college in the 1960s a French New Wave film LAST YEAR AT MARIENBAD was endlessly discussed. Did the two characters really meet the year before, or was it a fantasy? Your poem is suggesting that doubt about what really happened? to me.)

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Imagination- -the greatest tool any artist can possess...a ten...

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Valsa George 04 April 2014

The refrain... We have met.... has given the poem a heightened effect....! And I feel its lull as its waves cradle me and rock me to sleep....... When we sit by the sea strand, we listen to its song reminding us of a sweet lullaby and a kind of blissful lethargy sweeps over us! A lovely write Nika!

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Yash Shinde 06 April 2014

The refrain adds the joy of 'meeting', to this poem...........beautiful description of sea, sound like a lullaby........ The imagery, and imagination is the soul of this write............... ..I cordially invite you to read my poem- '...to bosom thee....I'll rise''..and ''never look like one''..plzz share your views in comments.....regards

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Dr Antony Theodore 04 April 2017

Waves cradling me rocking me to sleep, caressing wind and leaves, a sea song that is in my heart and in my imagination— a wonderful imaginative poem. Thank you dear poetess. liked the refrain we met.

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Solomon Bright Dankwa 16 November 2014

This is beautiful.

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Heather Wilkins 28 August 2014

while scrolling through the authors I came across your work. a beautifully written poem

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Daniel Brick 24 July 2014

What a remarkable poem! I really enjoyed re-reading it. For some reason it meant much more to me on this re-reading than it did when I read it for the first time in April. That's an important aspect of appreciating poetry. There could a thousand different things inside of me that made today's reading impact me so strongly. This time I was completely in sync with the repetition of WE'VE MET and the imaginative, not literal, truth it attests. I just want to celebrate the wonder of your poem again.

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Captain Herbert Poetry 24 April 2014

A vivid and descriptive poem. Wonderful

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