Star-Lace Poem by Nika McGuin


Rating: 4.9


Somewhere between existence
And pure imagination
We existed

It was a fragile thing really
You were raw, imperfect,

I was both brave and unsure
Giving, determined, and

One day I woke up and looked around,
I couldn't find us

Like sugar crystals, like snowflakes at warmth
Did we somehow

No, maybe we are just like star-lace
Twinkling in stardust filled clouds
Delicate, fading...reappearing

More than beings, together we were metaphysical
Two consciences meshed together by

Monday, September 25, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: fragility,intimacy,love,relationship
Susan Williams 28 September 2017

WoW indeed! ! ! Such a beautiful original poetic voice here. Star-Lace is a jewel, an absolute jewel replete with passion, imagination, heart-ache, wistfulness, both metaphysical and astronomical. 10++

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Tom Billsborough 26 September 2017

I think Daniel has summarised my feelings about your poem. It is a truly remarkable poem, much to my taste and I shall include it in my favourites. Can love become that other Eden? Yes, I do believe so. Hold on to that star lace, Nika. It is your magic wand.

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Daniel Brick 25 September 2017

WOW Nika, this has to be one of your most beautiful poems, not just in its poetic details - images, rhythms, perfect diction - but also in its poetic vision. You create the most wonderful rapport between two people which is so unexpected, so different from our vexed existence, that the woman doesn't recognize them or the world. This is the kind of imaginative poem which expresses our longing for a return to the lost garden. And when we realize that cannot happen, we endeavor to create a paradise out of a human love that two people are absolutely committed to make real. And it is that ideal that your poem realizes in words and hope. What a breathtaking gift of the poem you have brought us.

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Jazib Kamalvi 25 September 2017

Write comment. Imagination, Nika. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks

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