Weakness Sign Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Weakness Sign

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Divide and rule
Make people fool
Extend sway
Remain among and stay

Kings adopted
Neighbors followed
Each one with motives
But remained selective

Some with national interest
Some with intention to make best economy
But it was with intention
Not to make permanent relation

Let people clash in regions
Make mess over religion
Force them to make no peace
Life should never be made at ease

Human mind can be diverted
As greed is never to be underestimated
It can stab you anytime from the back
As so much is at the stake

This is how exactly the game is played
The real concern is never conveyed
Weapons of mass destructs are deliberately inducted
Trial for instability is on and exercise is conducted

Countries may suffer
With lucrative offer
And may fall prey to grand design
This is pure weakness sign


awesome Mona Mullally2 minutes ago Good read Comment +1 I heard that

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Richard Alonso3 minutes ago Great job

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Divide and rule Make people fool Extend sway Remain among and stay

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Fay Slimm Well said Jadia - - greed is the cause of most ills in this world.

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Re: Weakness sign (Score: 1) by mac on Thursday, July 04,2013 (11: 43: 08) greed has always been mankind's biggest weakness whether an individual or a collective want. mac

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Nasir Taofiqat 04 July 2013

Amazing poem, u are really right

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wow aryan choudhary2 hours ago amazing, well-written, wonderful poem and please checkout my poem'out in space'.i hope you will love it

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Gajanan Mishra 04 July 2013

pure weakness sign, good poem, thanks.

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